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Tutorial 1: Featuring Zack of FF7

As requested by consequences, my first tutorial. Never thought that anyone would ask a tut from me. XDDD I mean, I did pick up photoshop last January and icon-making only a few months back. But anyway, here it is! My first tut. Ever. XD

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May I have the honour of iconizing you, Zack?Collapse )


Icon post 4

After countless hours buried up to my eyeballs in making icons and learning how to use photoshop, here is my first batch of icons to christen my new icon journal! XDD Note that some of the icons posted in this batch have actually been on my computer for months, so they might look a little out of style by now, but oh well, you know what they say: retro!


My DebutCollapse )

Awards 1

As the subject implies, this is the page where I keep track of all the icon contests I've won before and also the place where I put my banners/awards.

Sweet VictoryCollapse )


Resource post

As my first post in my icon journal, it is the obligatory resource post! This post will eventually also become an index for my icon posts, so stay tuned! ^^

Let there be icons!Collapse )

Let there be tutorials!Collapse )