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Awards 1

As the subject implies, this is the page where I keep track of all the icon contests I've won before and also the place where I put my banners/awards.

ff7_awards: Week 62: First Place: Snow

ff7_awards: Week 64: Mod's Choice: Favourite Character

ff7_awards: Week 65: Mod's Choice: Lookalike

ff7_awards: Week 66: Third Place: Beautiful

sqenix_icontest: Third Place: Lost

ff_awards: Week 113: Third place: Swift

ff7_awards: Week 67: First Place: Before and After

ff7_awards: Week 68: Second Place: Weapon names

sqenix_icontest: Third Place: Eyes

ff7_awards: Third Place: Faceless

ff7_awards: Special Category (Most Creative): Faceless

ff_awards: Third Place: Facial Closeup

ff7_awards: Week 70: Second Place: Emotions

ff7_awards: Week 70: Special Category (Best Image): Emotions

sqenix_icontest: First Place: Hero

ff7_awards: Week 71: Special category (Best Text): Tiny text

ff7_awards: Week 72: Special category (Best Color): Action

kh_iconawards: Week 110: Third Place: Female Character

ff_awards: Week 119: Third Place: Gratitude

ff_awards: Week 120: Third Place: Lyrical (Only the Good Die Young)

ff7_awards: Week 73: Third Place: Loveless

choco_awards: Week 15: First Place: Collection

sqenix_icontest: Third Place: Opposites Attract

ff_awards: Week 121: Special Category (Creative Crop): Pre-determined Squall image

choco_awards: Week 16: Third Place: Free-for-all

ff_awards: Week 122: Special Category (Best use of colours): Motion

ff7_awards: Week 74: Second Place: Hero

kh_iconawards: Week 114: Mod's Choice: Protect

sqenix_icontest: Third Place: Weather

ff_awards: Week 123: Third Place: Lyrical (Under Pressure)

kh_iconawards: Week 116: Second Place: Picture 4

ff7_awards: Week 75: Second Place: Textless Lyrical Challenge (Learning to Breathe)

sqenix_icontest: First Place: Technology

kh_iconawards: Second Place: Japanese Catchphrase

choco_awards: Mod's Choice: Rikku

ff7_awards: Week 76: Second Place: Light

ff7_awards: Week 76: Third Place: Light

ff_abc: Week 45: Second Place: S

choco_awards: Week 18: Special Category (Most different): Out-of-focus

ff_awards: Week 126: Special Category (Best use of lyrics): Lyrical (Calling All Angels)

ff_abc: Week 46: First Place: T

choco_awards: Week 19: Third Place: Provided images

ff_awards: Week 128: First Place: Community Icon

choco_awards: Week 20: First Place: Light textures Also won choco_awards's May All Star Award

choco_awards: Week 20: Special Category (Best use of light textures): Light textures

sqenix_icontest: Second Place: Chess pieces

ff_awards: Week 129: Second Place: Lyrical (Artificial Sweetener)

ff7_awards: Week 78: First Place: Together

ff7_awards: Week 78: Third Place: Together

ouranhostawards: Week 53: First Place: Emotions

ff_awards: Week 131: Second Place: Gothic Text

choco_awards: Week 22: First Place: FF7AC Fave scene or character

choco_awards: Week 22: Mod's Choice: FF7AC Fave scene or character

ff_awards: Week 132: Second Place: Lyrical (Eye of the Tiger)

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