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Awards 3

Erm... this is just a place to keep my banners. XD The banners just keep getting prettier and prettier, and I can't just keep them on my computer like that!

ff_awards: Week 165: Mod's Choice: Lyrical (Cannonball by Damien Rice)

final_whisper: Week 62: Mod's Choice: Non-100x100

sqenix_icontest: Week 139: Third Place: World

sqenix_icontest: Week 140: First Place: The Chariot by Emily Dickinson

ff_awards: Week 167: Second Place: Rain

final_whisper: Week 64: First Place: Provided FF5 Blanks

ff7_awards: Week 107: Best Adaptation: Provided images

choco_awards: Week 39: Mod's Choice: History

ff7_awards: Week 108: First Place: Song title

final_whisper: Week 65: Mod's Choice: Green

ff_awards: Week 169: Second Place: Lyrical (Books and Letters by The Morning Light)

ff7_awards: Week 109: First Place: Monster

ff7_awards: Week 109: Second Place and Best Colour: Monster

ff_awards: Week 170: Second Place: Provided Cid images

final_whisper: Week 67: First Place: Lyrical (Such Great Heights by The Postal Service)

final_whisper: Week 67: Third Place: Lyrical (Such Great Heights by The Postal Service)

sqenix_icontest: Week 144: First Place: Flowers

ff7_awards: Week 110: Third Place: Fear

choco_awards: Week 41: Second Place: Seeing Double

sqenix_icontest: Week 145: Third Place: Lyrical (Forever yours by Sunrise Avenue)

ff_awards: Week 171: Second Place: Icon pairs

ff7_awards: Week 111: Second Place: Free for all

final_whisper: Week 71: Third Place: Lyrical (Only Women Bleed by Alice Cooper)

ffmelody: Week 28: Mod's Choice: Lyrical (Fields of Gold by Sting)

ff_awards: Week 176: Best Colour: Blue skies, provided images

sqenix_icontest: Week 150: Second Place: Prequel and Sequel

ff7_awards: Week 115: Third Place and Most Creative: Not a hero

ffmelody: Week 29: First Place: Poems by Sylvia Plath

final_whisper: Week 73: Second Place: Tiny text

ff_awards: Week 177: Second Place: Community icon

ff_awards: Week 177: Third Place: Community icon

sqenix_icontest: Week 151: Third Place: Danger

ffmelody: Week 30: Second Place: Quotes by John Lennon

ff7_awards: Week 116: First Place: Inspiration from Avril Lavigne's Girlfriend

ff7_awards: Week 116: Best Image: Inspiration from Avril Lavigne's Girlfriend

ff7_awards: Week 117: Second Place: Summer

ff_awards: Week 178: First Place: Lyrical (Until the World by The Afters)

ff_awards: Week 178: Third Place: Lyrical (Until the World by The Afters)

sqenix_icontest: Week 152: First Place: Lyrical (Happy Ending by Mika)

ff_oscars: Round 2: Summoner's Tears — Emotional

ffmelody: Week 32: Second Place: Poems by Amy Lowell

ff_awards: Week 180: Mod's Choice: Book Titles

ff_awards: Week 181: Mod's Choice: Lyrical (Bye bye by Mariah Carey)

final_whisper: Week 77: Third Place: Double

ffmelody: Week 34: First Place: Lyrical (I’m yours by Jason Mraz)

ff_awards: Week 182: Third Place: Provided textures

ff7_awards: Week 120: Third Place: Provided texture

ffmelody: Week 35: Third Place: Poem by Anna Akhmatova

sqenix_icontest: Week 155: Mod's Choice: FF in KH

ff7_awards: Week 121: Second Place: CG renders

ff7_awards: Week 121: Third Place: CG renders

final_whisper: Week 80: Third Place: DoC blanks

sqenix_icontest: Week 156: First Place: Mercy

final_whisper: Week 82: Mod's Choice: Danger

ff7_awards: Week 124: Third Place: In-game quotes

sqenix_icontest: Week 161: First Place: Lyrical (Silver and Cold by Afi)

ff_awards: Week 191: First Place: Fanart

sqenix_icontest: Week 162: Third Place: Love

ff_awards: Week 192: Second Place: Lyrical (Existentialism on Prom Night by Straylight Run)

sqenix_icontest: Week 163: First Place: Provided images

ffmelody: Week 44: Most Creative: Poems by Cecilea Borromeo

sqenix_icontest: Week 164: First Place: Misunderstood

ff_oscars: Round 5: Summoner's Tears — Emotional

ff7_awards: Week 128: Third Place: Non-original FF7

final_whisper: Week 90: Second Place: Photoshopped

final_whisper: Week 91: Second Place: Provided White Mage blanks

ff7_awards: Week 131: Second Place & Best Colour: Autumn backgrounds

sqenix_icontest: Week 167: Third Place: Hair

sqenix_icontest: Week 170: First Place: Light Texture

sqenix_icontest: Week 171: First Place: Weapon

ff_awards: Week 205: Mod's Choice: Lyrical (This Time by Vanessa Carlton)

sqenix_icontest: Week 172: First Place: Community icon

final_whisper: Week 97: Second Place: Expression

ff7_awards: Week 137: Mod's Choice: Blank space

♥ Award post 1 here.
♥ Award post 2 here.



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Jun. 10th, 2008 02:50 am (UTC)
Wow, though I'm late, you're so amazing~! Keep up the good work~! :D
Jun. 10th, 2008 08:18 am (UTC)
Thanx! :DDD
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