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Icon post 12

I know, I know. Two icon posts from me within the same month has never happened before. Just let me be hardworking for a bit before I slack off again. XD

Icons include:
♥ 20 x FFVI
♥ 02 x FFVII AC
♥ 01 x FFVIII
♥ 03 x FFX-2
♥ 01 x FFXIII
♥ 02 x Other Square-Enix games (FFCC and Xenogears)
Total = 40


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Icon post 11

Lazy is my middle name. This icon post took way too long to be posted, hence the amount. XDDD

Icons include:
♥ 15 x Miscel FF (FFI, FFIV, FFVI, FFA2)
♥ 65 x FFVII (Original game, CC, AC, DoC, BC)
♥ 10 x FFVIII
♥ 06 x FFIX
♥ 13 x FFX and FFX-2
♥ 12 x FFXII
♥ 09 x FFXIII and Versus
♥ 06 x Other Square-Enix games (Kingdom Hearts and Valkyrie Profile)
Total = 136


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Icon post 10

Ah yes, I've finally hit the double-digits. XDDDD And to post these, a mixture of old and new icons, when there's an icon critique meme floating about, I can only say I'm a closet masochist. ^_^;;

I finally realized how much I like to chuck textures and character cg images together, so I decided to make one huge post of icons with this style. I might have posted some of these icons before but I'm not too sure...

Icons include:
♥ 03 x FFVI
♥ 38 x FFVII (includes characters from original FFVII, CC, AC, and Itadaki)
♥ 22 x FFVIII
♥ 05 x FFIX
♥ 30 x FFX and FFX-2
♥ 04 x FFXI
♥ 13 x FFXII
♥ 01 x FFXIII Agito
♥ 13 x Miscel FF monsters
Total = 129


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Icon post 9

I'm hopeless with posting icons, seriously. ^_^;; So here's a massive post from the icons I've made in the past couple of months. More to come, probably in a few weeks.

Icons include:
♥ 1 x FFIII
♥ 4 x FFIV
♥ 1 x FFV
♥ 4 x FF Tactics and Tactics Advance
♥ 11 x Miscel FF
♥ 70 x FFVII (includes CC, DoC, AC)
♥ 10 x FFVIII
♥ 5 x FFXI
♥ 12 x FFX and FFX-2
♥ 9 x FFXII
♥ 3 x FFXIII and Versus
♥ 9 x Miscel Square-Enix games (includes KH, Parasite Eve, Valkyrie Profile)


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Awards 3

Erm... this is just a place to keep my banners. XD The banners just keep getting prettier and prettier, and I can't just keep them on my computer like that!

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Icon post 8

Sorry I got lazy, so this batch came extra late. ^_^;; This batch of icons were entered in icontests, with some losses and wins. Hopefully, my next batch will be just... icons that are not made for icontests. XD I need to make other icons too!

Icons include:
♥ 2 x FFVI
♥ 65 x FFVII (includes FFVII, Crisis Core, Advent Children and DoC)
♥ 13 x FFVIII
♥ 2 x FFIX
♥ 14 x FFX
♥ 8 x FFXII
♥ 4 x FFXIII
♥ 2 x Chocobo Dungeon
♥ 1 x Sword of Mana
♥ 1 x Valkyrie Profile


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Icon post 7

Heh heh, I probably should be posting here a bit more frequently. *looks at number of posts* In any case, here's 41 icons I've entered in FF related icontests lately plus another 40 stock icons. The stock icons actually date back to last year. :P Goes to show how lazy I am at posting these stuff.


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Icon post 6

Wow, that was some long absence. Hopefully this long post will make up that! ^_^ Here's some couple icons for Kingdom Hearts, including Leon/Cloud, Riku/Sora, Axel/Roxas and Zemyx. Please spread the couple love! XDD Also included in this post are some Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts icons I've been playing around with in some icontests. ^__^


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Final Fantasy and Kingdom Heart iconsCollapse )

Awards 2

Since my first awards post has sorta overflooded, so in consideration of my modem and some others', I decided to make a second post. ^^;;

Let there be more awards. XDCollapse )


Icon post 5

Finally, after 2 months, another icon dump! This time, there's a pretty big selection for AkuRoku fans, some Naruto icons, some celebrities' icons and lastly, some icons which I've entered for icon contests in the last few weeks.

Enjoy! ^^


Kingdom hearts and Final Fantasy iconsCollapse )

Naruto iconsCollapse )

Ayumi Hamasaki, Ai Otsuka, Anna Tsuchiya and Gackt iconsCollapse )